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CovaTech® Pilates® stands for excellence in Pilates teaching and education since 1989.

Thanks to thirty years of intense activity, research and development of CovaTech® Method, created by Anna Maria Cova, CovaTech® Pilates® Studio is today a renowned Italian and international hub dedicated to those who want to practice Pilates at best and those who want to become the finest Pilates Teachers.

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Pilates Education

Discover how to become the most qualified Pilates Teacher with CovaTech® Pilates® School Education Programs, developed for you by the first Pilates Training School ever born in Italy.

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Sat January 27, 2024 Introductory Course
145° Introductory Course
CovaTech® Pilates® Studio Milano Places available

Fri February 23, 2024 Full Immersion Course
98° CovaTech® Full Immersion Course
CovaTech® Pilates® Studio Milano Places available

Sat November 25, 2023 Continuing Education
Teaching with the Physioball Workshop
Live Web Milano Places available

Sat October 21, 2023 Continuing Education
CovaTech® Corso di Aggiornamento 2023
Live Web Milano Places available

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Pilates Classes

Find out how to have a new body with CovaTech® Pilates® Method. Since 1989, we are the Italian leading reference point in Pilates teaching.

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Claudio Gallone, CovaTech®
Pilates® Teacher (Turin)

I discovered Pilates 15 years ago, since the beginning, I've felt it "mine", akin to my way of being: a deep and effective work on my body, based on respiration and control. So, I decided to become a teacher and make Pilates part of my life even if, at that time, I couldn't imagine it would have embraced it completely.

But, which training program to attend to? [...]

Christina Iredale, CovaTech®
Pilates® Teacher (Imperia)

I was studying to be a professional dancer when I met Anna Maria Cova. I instantly became fond of the technique and Anna's way of teaching, creative and precise at the same time. We understood each other on the fly.

I remember that I persuaded many of my colleagues and even my husband and some friends to try Pilates with her[...]

Alessia Schiavone, CovaTech®
Pilates® Teacher (Genoa)

CovaTech® Pilates® School was one of my luckiest decision: ten years ago, I was looking for a thorough professional training in Pilates and the internet displayed various options. I moved toward CovaTech® for the comprehensiveness of the Program and the proximity of the School to my city.

In hindsight, I understood that my luck is to have chosen a School which really teaches how "to teach"[...]


CovaTech® Corso di Aggiornamento 2023

CovaTech® Corso di Aggiornamento 2023

CovaTech® Corso di Aggiornamento 2023 will have, as special guest presenter, Ilaria Cavagna who will guide our Teachers through an integrated training program titled Pilates dalla testa ai piedi (Pilates from head to toes) which is the result of Ilaria’s multidisciplinary experience in dance, movement sciences and Pilates.

CovaTech® Introductory Course

CovaTech® Introductory Course

If you want to make Pilates your profession, you need the most complete training program which will allow you to work at 360° with safety and confidence.

Come discover the first step of CovaTech® Pilates® Teacher Training Program:  a full day of immersion in the method which will transform you in the best teacher possible. 

The last places are available for the upcoming session of September 4th 2023.