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CovaTech® Pilates® stands for excellence in Pilates teaching and education since 1989.

Thanks to thirty years of intense activity, research and development of CovaTech® Method, created by Anna Maria Cova, CovaTech® Pilates® Studio is today a renowned Italian and international hub dedicated to those who want to practice Pilates at best and those who want to become the finest Pilates Teachers.

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Pilates Education

Discover how to become the most qualified Pilates Teacher with CovaTech® Pilates® School Education Programs, developed for you by the first Pilates Training School ever born in Italy.

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Fri June 26, 2020 Full Immersion Course
87° Full Immersion Course
CovaTech® Pilates® Studio Milano Places available

Fri October 09, 2020 Full Immersion Course
89° Full Immersion Course
CovaTech® Pilates® Studio Milano Places available

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Pilates Classes

Find out how to have a new body with CovaTech® Pilates® Method. Since 1989, we are the Italian leading reference point in Pilates teaching.

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Roberta Bertolino, CovaTech®
Pilates® Teacher (Palermo)

After the ISEF degree, I had one and only objective: to be helpful to other people. I started teaching in fitness centers but "mass" classes did not make me feel satisfied. My research led me to Pilates and particularly to CovaTech®, a School which inspired me with great confidence, also considering the pre-requisites necessary to attend it.

The training path was very challenging but, the more committed I became, the more aware I was to have made the right choice: Anna Maria Cova [...]

Rosalia Cafueri, CovaTech®
Pilates® Teacher (Brindisi)

CovaTech® is the best choice that any Teacher should make to have the right instruments to manage a Pilates Studio.

After my degree in Sports Science and various masters, I worked with physical therapists and osteopathists who talked me about Pilates. So, I started attending various courses which gave me just the mechanic knowledge of some exercises but never the real essence of Pilates. I felt "incomplete". [...]

Elisabetta Carboni, CovaTech®
Pilates® Teacher (Parma)

Meeting Anna Maria Cova has literally changed my professional life: it was love at first sight, both for Pilates technique and for the CovaTech® method.

It was 1999, I was at the Body & Mind Convention, in Riccione, my professional life, at the time, was parted between fitness on one side and corrective gym on the other. I wished to find a point of contact between the two activities: the amusing part of the first with the postural and body awareness' side of the second. [...]


A very special event for CovaTech® 30th Anniversary.

A very special event for CovaTech® 30th Anniversary.

The 2019 Refresher Course (Corso di Aggiornamento) reserved to certified CovaTech® Pilates® Teachers, will be a unique event for Italian Pilates industry. 

To celebrate CovaTech® 30 years in business, Anna Maria Cova and the whole CovaTech® Pilates® School will host the famous American Master Teacher Madeline Black.

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