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Why CovaTech® Pilates® is truly for everyone.

CovaTech® method allows everyone to practice Pilates safely and to benefit of the extraordinary advantages of this postural gym.

By practicing Pilates according to CovaTech® method, you will be guided, with thoroughness and professionalism, by our Teachers who will design a tailor-made workout program according to your body type, age and physical preparation. In that way, just after few weeks, you will be able to experience on your body all the incredible benefits of Pilates, whatever the class formula you will decide to attend: private, duets or semi-private.

Children and teen agers

J.H. Pilates was a keen observer of children’s behavior and he even shaped part of his technique after them, as a guide to the correct “children physical education”. For that reason, Pilates can be a precious instrument to support the balanced growth of children and teenagers.

From 6 to 14 years of age, Pilates may offer an effective contribution to the correct development of motor coordination, balance and posture’s improvement, contributing to correct the possible unbalances or postural flaws that children may assume during school age.

From 14 to 18, Pilates may give a valuable support to the bones’ growth, it may be an indispensable complement to the practice of any sports, also adjusting, when necessary, the damage of professional sports’ competition.

Moreover, at any age, according to the psycho-physical development of each one, Pilates may give remarkable pedagogic benefits, helping the development of concentration, self-confidence and body awareness.


Pilates is particularly recommended to help the female body maintaining its best shape at any age of the woman.

Through the improvement of postural balance and flexibility, it contributes to achieve a graceful bearing, long muscles and leaner look. Working without burdening the joints, it guarantees the blood circulation activation. That, together with the work on deep muscles, improves the basal metabolism, helping maintaining a correct body weight.

To young women, it is particularly recommended to reconcile with the hectic peace of contemporary lifestyle, to fight stress, neck and back tightness and recharge one’s energy.

For mature women, it is an effective help to keep the spine flexible, to strengthen the pelvic floor, to fight the lack of calcium during menopause, avoid the abdominal fat and preserve the overall body elasticity.

Pilates during pregnancy.

Pregnancy represents a natural physiologic state of a woman and not a pathological condition, thus the first golden rule for any pregnant woman is using common sense.

CovaTech® Pilates® method has specific protocols for the pregnancy period according to the previous workout habits of any Client:

  • women who have been practicing Pilates since a long time;
  • women who are Pilates’ beginners;
  • women who have never practiced any physical or sport activities.
  • Women who are already used to attend Pilates’ classes – both matwork and apparatus - may continue their activity even during pregnancy respecting the precautions and the exercises’ adjustments suggested by the Teacher. We recommend, though, in any case, to consult your physician and wait until the end of the first trimester to resume classes.
  • b. Beginners should start practicing Pilates only after the first trimester and with explicit consent of their personal physician, plus they will have to concentrate on set up exercises on matwork. In that case and in the previous one, the Client must only attend Private Classes to allow the Teacher an adequate choice of the exercises.
  • For women who have always conducted a sedentary lifestyle and have never practiced Pilates, it is not recommended, during a pregnancy, to start from scratch any physical activity.

Overall, other conditions in presence of which it is not recommended to have classes are the following:

  • previous cases of premature delivery;
  • status of fetal distress;
  • any condition in which the physician prescribes bed rest.

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Pilates for men

Pilates is particularly recommended for the male body at any age. That’s the reason why, more and more sports athletes and celebrities practice it successfully.

The extraordinary results experienced by any man who's ever taken Pilates classes go against the cliché that Pilates is "just for women". It will suffice to recall that Pilates was invented by a man for men: J.H. Pilates experimented the technique first on himself, then he fine-tuned it on soldiers and police forces, with results that went down in history.

Pilates guarantees both flexibility and strength through a global tone up work of each single muscle, included the so-called "deep muscles", indispensable to stabilize the core and to have strong and mobile joints.

It may also be considered as the best workout for the most critical area of male body: the abdomen, because it acts with efficacy on each single abdominal muscle – rectus abdominis, internal and external oblique, transverse abdominis.

Pilates helps develop proportionate muscles, helping men to build a lean structure respectful of each body type, maximizing mobility and aesthetic results. For men, today more than ever, Pilates is the ideal activity to achieve the perfect body shape not only because is a great workout in itself but also because it compensates the structural shortcomings of classic male workout such as body building and aerobic sports. Plus, it answers perfectly to the growing needs of men both in terms of aesthetic and performance.

To anyone, it reduces stress, helps improve concentration and recharge one’s energy like few other disciplines.

Last but not least, it is also a time saving activity, because its efficacy allows to see visible results even by practicing just once a week, hence being apt to whomever has a busy lifestyle and scarce time to dedicate to working out.


Being a low impact technique with a variable burdens’ distribution, Pilates is the ideal gym for seniors. It allows a complete and balanced myofascial training, acts on spine and joints flexibility contributing to soothe the chronic pain caused by spine issues, particularly for lumbar and cervical areas.

By improving proprioception, it helps the balance, by working on concentration and control, it helps maintaining an active and sharp mind.

The CovaTech® method may find applications in rehabilitation field and, according with one’s physician, may be practiced as a therapy to help functional recovery in case of injuries, joints and bones problems and neurological diseases.

Athletes of all sporting disciplines

Pilates’ classes are taken by professional athletes in all competitive sporting disciplines: basket, golf, athletics, rugby, soccer, football, tennis and so on.

Thanks to the adaptability of the technique, Pilates is able to fit into any training program playing a balancing role of the sport discipline you are practicing. That is possible because it fine-tunes athletic results both performance-wise and psychology-wise. Working in finesse on muscles, it helps to refine the athletic gesture; acting on control and concentration it allows to reach a perfect self-awareness. Moreover, working on deep muscles and correct alignment, it stabilizes the core and the joints, preventing injuries. Finally, it helps obtaining the best competition results by optimizing the energy reserve.

Professional dancers

Historically, they have been the first professional category which practiced and appreciated Pilates’ benefits.

As a body and mind discipline, Pilates is the ideal activity for dancers who consider movement as an artistic expression and not as a mere mechanical function of the body.

The scientific approach to muscular activation, the attention to breathing and proprioception makes Pilates a sort of “dynamic meditation” and a particularly appropriate support for the technical training of a dancer.

Moreover, because of its inner features of balance, Pilates may be a relief from the psychological and physical pressure of a profession which demands perfection at any level.

That way, balancing the harshness of professional dance, Pilates acts like the antidote to occupational hazards, making the technical and artistic performance better and preventing injuries.