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The best teacher is an eternal student

The Continuing Education is the annual program which supports the CovaTech® Pilates® Teachers along the developing of their career in Pilates and allows maintaining the required standards for teaching the CovaTech® Method.

Course Description

The Continuing Education is a yearly program reserved exclusively to certified CovaTech® Pilates® Teachers and implies the mandatory attendance to a Refresher Training Course, called Corso di Aggiornamento which is held any year in Milan.

During the Corso di Aggiornamento, CovaTech® Pilates® Method is enriched and upgraded with various teaching and scientific topics thanks to the partnership with international master teachers, professors, physicians, osteopaths – through conferences and workshops which allow to apply the upgrades to the daily work with Clients.

The Continuing Education is one of the staple of the School teaching philosophy. The scope is to keep the professional quality of the Teachers steadily high throughout the continuous fine tuning of their technical skills, the encounter with the best professionals in our business and the in-deep knowledge of the most advanced topics of our profession.

Among the most recent guest presenter CovaTech® Pilates® School has proudly hosted: Madeline Black, Elizabeth Larkam, Anthony Lett and this year, Ilaria Cavagna.

Perks and acknowledgement of CovaTech® Continuing Education

The Teacher who joins the Continuing Education Program benefits from the yearly concession of the CovaTech® Pilates® Teacher trademarks to be related to one’s resume and profile, the teaching materials related to the Refresher Course, plus the Teacher is included in the official CovaTech® Pilates® Teachers’ list, being entitled to have a personal webpage on the CovaTech® Official Website with picture, professional infos and profile, benefiting of all the communication investments made by on CovaTech® Pilates® Studio on their brand.

Either a Teacher would like to open his own Studio or to be a freelance, CovaTech® Pilates® School supports the Teachers who join the Continuing Education Program in dealing with teaching, administrative and communication issues through e-mail and telephone consultancy; it shares information and communications useful to the Pilates business such as job offers and opportunities, initiatives proposed by the Studio CovaTech® Pilates® or by third parties, allows any CovaTech® Pilates® Teacher to access discounts and promotions for workshops, stages or initiatives promoted by Studio CovaTech® Pilates® or by third parties.

Starting from October 2019, thanks to the partnership between CovaTech® Pilates School and the "Associazioni Sportive e Sociali Italiane" (ASI) Agency for the Promotion of CONI (Italian Olympic Commettee) in Wellness & Fitness, the Teacher who joins the CovaTech® Continuing Education will be able to obtain, without attending other courses or workshops:

  • the National ASI Diploma;
  • the Technical ASI biennial badge (in Italian: tesserino tecnico biennale ASI)
  • the enrollment to the National List of ASI Operators (in Italian: Albo Nazionale degli Operatori ASI)

Since 2022, the Corso di Aggiornamento is also credited at the National Pilates Certification Program (NPCP) and allows the recognition of 8 CEC's.

For information on the Continuing Education, please contact the Studio by writing an e-mail to

Calendar COURSES

June 08, 2024

Pilates for the runner

September 14, 2024

Pilates and the hip replacement

November 23, 2024

Teaching with roller

October 12, 2024 - October 13, 2024

CovaTech® Refresher Course 2024

Date From To From To
September 14 2024
10:00 12:30 - -
Date From To From To
November 23 2024
10:00 12:30 - -
Date From To From To
October 12 2024
- - 14:00 18:00
October 13 2024
- - 14:00 18:00

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