Bridge Program

Education/ Tearchers Training Bridge Program

The CovaTech® training program dedicated to those who have another Pilates Certification.

CovaTech® Pilates® Bridge Program is the training which allows those Pilates Teachers who followed a complete education program at other Schools, in Italy or abroad, to be able to learn the CovaTech® Method and acquire the CovaTech® Pilates® certificate.

Pre-requisites and enrollment

To access the Bridge Program, the Candidate must submit her or his profile and the Pilates Teaching certificates to the CovaTech® Educational Team. After the approval of the above-mentioned pre-requisites, the Candidate shall be admitted to the training program.


The Course Program is structured as follows:

  • Introductory Course: to be attended in full for a total amount of 7 hours.
  • Full Immersion Course: to be attended in full for a total amount of 140 hours.
  • 50 hours of observation and induction training to be done exclusively at the Studio CovaTech® Pilates® in Milan.
  • 10 hours of assisted workout (in a group of maximum 4 Students) to be done mandatorily at the Studio CovaTech® Pilates® in Milan.
  • Written Exam: a test through which the theoretical preparation on the CovaTech® Pilates® Method and its applications on every apparatus will be verified.
  • Final Exam, a practical test to be done in front of the Commission headed by Anna Maria Cova and composed by the CovaTech® Educational Team. Through the Final Exam, the Student should be able to demonstrate the ability to execute and to teach the exercises of the CovaTech® Pilates® Method and and the Teachers’ maneuvers.

After the completion of the above-mentioned Program, the Student will obtain the qualification of CovaTech® Pilates® Teacher and the certificate to teach the CovaTech® Pilates® Method.

Calendar COURSES

October 04, 2019 - January 20, 2020

Bridge Program

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