CovaTech® CovaTech® Pilates® Method

Pilates according to Anna Maria Cova.

The CovaTech® Pilates® method is the original teaching technique created and codified by Anna Maria Cova.
This methodology keeps intact the original technique set-up by Joseph H. Pilates and develops it to the light of the current know how in sports science, anatomy, biomechanics and physical therapy.

The CovaTech® Pilates® method has its reason to be in the proper teaching and sets a scope which is, at the same time, the simplest and the most complex: to teach Pilates to everybody and to ensure that everyone could practice it safely and with the best results and benefits.

Thirty years of studies, teaching and refinement of the didactic make, therefore, the CovaTech® Pilates® Method, one of the most scientifically thorough and, from a practical standpoint, within the reach of all.

In-depth analysis and development.

Teaching and learning Pilates is easier thanks to the CovaTech® Method.

CovaTech® Method widens the reach of the original technique making it accessible to everyone.

CovaTech® approach is characterized by a thorough attention to how Pilates is taught, relying on the fact that the proper communication by the Teacher and the following interiorization by the Client are the main guarantees of success in this practice.

CovaTech® Method, in order to improve the learning process, adds to the six traditional principles of Joseph H. Pilates three further staples:

  • awareness, to make sure that when you are working out, you are able to comprehend what you are doing and why;
  • visualization: to explain with examples, similitudes and "images" how to execute properly an exercise;
  • rhythm, to allow everybody to take on the lesson with the right dynamic.

To facilitate the execution or increase the efficacy of the exercises, small tools - such as various kinds of balls, rubber bricks, elastic bands - have been added, plus the classical exercises have been enriched with many variants in order to modulate the difficulty and increase the variety of the workout.

To answer the need of integrating the classic repertoire with the work on proprioception in the standing position, Anna Maria Cova invented and patented a new tool, the Swing Barrel which can be used in various teaching programs, in any mode, from quadrupedy to the lying position.

Last but not least, specific programs have been created such as "Pilates with the Tender Ball" – a floor routine executed with a 20 cm diameter tender ball – or "Pilates in a smile", exercises which allow to relief the tensions of the neck and get ready to smile!

The Method in Italy

The first Italian Teaching Method and one of the most important internationally.

CovaTech® Pilates® Method was and is the first original Teaching Method codified by an Italian.

Today, it is one of the most important development of Pilates technique worldwide.

The thoroughness of the method goes at the same pace of the its adaptability and this pairing makes CovaTech® a method of extraordinary efficacy and one of the reasons of its success in Italy.

For many people in Italy, today, Pilates means CovaTech® not only for the pioneer role this method had in our country, but also because of the efficacy and accuracy that Clients and Teachers, who practiced Pilates according to the CovaTech® Method, experienced on themselves.

CovaTech® Method answers the needs of the most diverse Clientele, either looking for a personal workout or for support in a rehabilitation path. In both cases, in fact, it is possible to adjust the teaching approach in a range of possibilities that go from Pilates as fitness to Pilates with therapeutic scope.

Pilates as fitness can be defined as a postural gymnastic, with or without equipment, which allows a work on any planes and with different forms of resistance. The study of Pilates technique comes with the learning of the exercises where workload varies in intensity, according to degrees of difficulty divided into base, intermediate, advanced and super advanced level.

Pilates for therapeutic purposes is a possible application of the CovaTech® Pilates® set-up aimed, first, to the activation of the deep stabilizers (transversus abdominis muscle and lumbar multifidus) through the synergic work of diaphragm and pelvic floor. Proprioception, mobilization and miofascial exercises, four legged exercises and work on scapulo-humeral girdle are integrated and faced in a clinic-therapeutic perspective. The work with equipment finds numerous variants customized to the specific needs.

Thanks to that wide spectrum of possibilities of practicing Pilates and to the scientific background, CovaTech® Pilates® method is synonymous of extraordinary efficacy and safe training.