CovaTech® Benefits

Pilates benefits within the reach of all.

CovaTech® Pilates® Method gives everyone a solid help to find the right psychophysical balance and wellbeing through a correct posture, a conscious involvement of the muscles and a healthier relationship with our body.

Each Client approaching for the first time Pilates according to the CovaTech® Method is followed in a personalized way. The learning process is tailor-made around one's specific physique, age and athletic condition. In this way, everyone is able to get the maximum results from the Pilates workout.

Thus, Pilates - which avoids any over-simplification - is neither an easy nor a difficult discipline, but just a demanding one.

Everybody can practice it according to one's personal needs, at increasing degrees of difficulty.

In that sense, we can affirm that Pilates can be practiced by everybody (as detailed in the Classes section): children, adolescents, women, men, seniors, athletes of any sport discipline, professional dancers, because it provides everybody with countless benefits.

Postural and functional benefits

Thanks to the activation of the deep muscles, Pilates favors the entire trunk strengthening - the so-called powerhouse or core - harmoniously trains legs and arms, teaches how to control movement and how to have awareness of it, works on the feet mobility helping us restore our correct postural and functional balance.

Bones and joints benefits

Pilates' workout, thanks to a thorough distribution of workload, does not overburden the joint, on the contrary, in technical jargon, one can say that "it gives space to the joints", helps preserving their elasticity and, above all, a flexible spinal column. Pilates generates remarkable benefits to the osteoarticular system, resulting the ideal activity to support the practice of any sport, as a corrective to the damage of agonistic activity and as ideal workout for the over-sixty. For the latter, in fact, it helps soothing the spine chronic pain, particularly those of lumbar and cervical areas.

Aesthetic benefits

One of the objectives of Pilates is the improvement of the posture, to achieve that result it activates any muscle of the body, evenly. That is to say, it does not develop swollen and hypertrophic muscles, so that we lose grace and flexibility at the expense of heart and lungs, but it develops a harmonious poise and lean muscles that will make us look slimmer in front of the mirror with immediate aesthetic benefits, already visible after few lessons. Plus, its boosting function on blood circulation is a cure-all against the signs of cellulite.

Metabolic Benefits

Pilates is not an aerobic discipline in itself, so it does not have direct slimming effect, nevertheless, its low impact approach, his action on the deep muscles and its boost to circulation improve the basal metabolic rate - that is to say the amount of calories consumed by the body at rest - helping us, therefore, to maintain a correct body weight.

Energy Benefits

J.H. Pilates, teaches us that the modern life wears us out to the point that, sometimes, we can barely find the energy to have fun in our spare time. Falsely, one can think that a physical activity, to be healthy, has to make us consume energy. Actually, Pilates, through a low impact approach, aims to the reach of physical wellbeing through the ability of modulating the energy, supporting the body to find its natural physiological rhythm. In that way, it allows us to increase the energy to dedicate to the things which make us happy. It is a workout which recharge the mind without exhausting the body.

Rehabilitation benefits

For those with specific pathologies or confronting a post-trauma rehabilitation, CovaTech® Pilates® offers the ideal support to deal with the path to recovery. In addition to facilitate the functional and bio-mechanic rehab, CovaTech® Pilates® provides a fundamental psychological help because, by improving proprioception, it hones the control of mind over body, leading the person, little, by little, not to feel like a prisoner in his own body but completely in charge of it.

Psychological benefits.

Several scientific studies, in addition to the global success of our discipline, shows how Pilates, by improving the control of mind over body, has remarkable neurological and psychological benefits. Pilates is a form of dynamic meditation, an activity focused on the present time in which the breathing is balanced in its volumes, self-awareness is sharpen and endorphins are spread within our body, bringing a feeling of mindfulness and wellbeing.